CEO Message

Our company has existed since the beginning of the industrial development of Korea, from its rural roots to today’s technological leader. Through this experience we have become the embodiment of our promise to overcome challenges with unwavering passion and vigor. It is the dream of Husteel to one day be a global leader with over a century of history to better serve you.


Husteel has its origin from humble beginnings but have rose into prominence and established itself as a leader in the steel industry of the highest of esteem. We have rose to this position through consistency and dedication to provide our clients with only the products of the highest quality and independent cutting edge technological developments. Our development mirrors the development of Korea, and our history is the history of the Korean pipe industry.

Introduction of establishment

Husteel has been steadfast in its belief that repaying customer’s trust can only be done with providing our clients with nothing but the best quality products and services. All of our employees uphold these virtues and are united with the passion for quality improvement and leading innovative research. We are very proud of our quality management team and our certificates reflect our strict quality guarantee system for all of our products.